Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Left To Do List, Right?

So this is what I have left in the near future on the Trailer:
  • Paint the Interior. The walls Tawny, the ceiling flat white, The cupboards bunk and closet glossy white. Still need to put a 2nd coat on the red items.
  • Finish the Cushions. I am orderin gthe brown vinyl thru my dad and having it all stitched up. Can't wait!
  • Tint the windows, all of them. Clean up the frames a bit while the glass is out, paint silver or powdercoat maybe? This may need to wait for a couple warm, dry days.
  • Polish and Re-install the trim around the windows.
  • Trim the rest of the counter, wall-cupboard seams, and floor.
  • Polish the interior trim a bit more... it could use it.
  • Polish the backsplash and sidesplash
  • Install the curtain rods over and under the windows
  • Sew the curtains and install, might actually do this one myself, just for fun!
  • Weld the rear bumper and straiten it. Might cut it off first and shorten it a bit.
  • Install metal casters underneath in case the tail bottoms out on a driveway again (why I'm welding the bumper)
  • Sand and paint the bumper, step and tongue.
  • Sometime this summer, repaint the exterior.
  • Sand paint and install all the new badges (thanks Rex)
should I say it? It would be done? :)

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