Friday, August 28, 2009

Need a power inverter?

I found a great power inverter, really cheap at Harbor Freight. IT may not be available much longer, and most likely NOT available in the stores (was no longer in stock at Bellevue, WA) This is on Clearence (notice the "86" in the price) and only availble until they are sold out. Not a bad deal!!

700 Watt Continuous/1400 Watt Peak Power Inverter

  • Modified sine wave technology
  • Two grounded 110 volt receptacles
  • Approximately 90% efficiency
  • Low battery alarm/shut off
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • 30 amp fuse

Overall dimensions: 12.2'' L x 12.2'' D x 2.44'' H
Weight: 5.1 lbs.

ITEM 91848-6VGA


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My trailer wiring.

Next Trips Planned!

So we are heading up to Birch Bay at the end of the month to the "Lighthouse by the Bay RV Resort". Well, I still have not seen the Lighthouse in any of the pictures (they can't be talking about the 6ft model in the last pic, are they??), but my parents seem to love it there so we are joining them for a, are you ready for this? 3 NIGHT TRIP. Wow, only 3 more trips and I'll be up to a whole week! :P

Then September 11-13th, Emerson and I are heading up to the 9th Annual Tin Can Tourist Mt Baker Vintage Trailer Rally at The NW WA fairgrounds. We are caravanning with My Friend Rob and his totally dope 77 Commander. Can't wait! Last few years they have seen 100 units attending, back to the 1930's. I'll have a few thousand pictures from that I'm sure! :)

More Info Here at

Who doesn't want more pictures? :)

More Awning Pics, and picked up some matching Red Chairs... the Blue ones were worn out and getting dangerous.

Notice anything new in this picture?

you guessed it! I polished the "Vintage" plate.

and the side that still needs a bit of polishing attention...
DSC_7587 portrait!

he grows up so fast! Emerson and I will be attending the Vintage Trailer Rally up in Lynden, WA on Sept 11-13th.

The New Tow Rig: 2003 EB Ford Explorer. It has a mean sounding 4.6l V8, and gets better towing MPG than the Tiguan... hmmm.

and last but not least.. I shrink wrapped the wire loom... More flexible and cleaner than the old hard plastic loom with electrical tape wrap.

hmmm... what's up next? Some more polishing (and seal the rest of the windows), maybe wetsand and polish the paint, new coat of paint on the cupboard doors, polish the "i-beam" curtain rail and install the "Room Divider" aka a brown linen shower curtain, install the new faucet with sprayer hose Thank you Attic Treasures Thrift Store!

Water heater? Not for a while, but on the list for sure!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yay, Finally got the awning made!

So I got some New Old Stock (from the 60's) Sunbrella Fabric from 48 Rob and brought it down to my dad's shop to get it all sewn up this afternoon.

The Man :)

The Skilz



Instead of wrapping the Fabric over the rope, we wrapped the rope with this rubberiezed fabric he had left over from another job... something about a radiator in Alaska. It's about the same thickness, but will take the abuse of the rail better than almost 50 year old fabric.

setting the gromets in the corners was kinda fun... two pieces that get pressed together by a single blow of the hammer... or maybe two. :)

And all set up! Well, mostly... I'll take it over to the State Park tomorrow and set it up on the grass. Let me tell you, I'm glad we used the rubberized fabric... just a bit of Synthetic Grease (mobile1) and it slides into the track with ease!

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