Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I built some more stuff...

When I cut the Upper cupboard doors I only measured the ones above the kichenette... assuming all 4 would be the same. Well it really doesn't matter becasue I used the entire 96" length of the plywood, and got 4 24" doors... well the ones over the sofa were supposed to be 26", so I wasn't about to buy new sheets of plywood, no way. Plus when removing the walls a bit of the cupboard face got torn up a bit.

I cut a few 1x3's to make the cupboard hole a bit smaller, then refaced the cabinet with more luan plywood. Done and done! Just need ssome filler sanding and a few coats of paint to be good as new, and now the doors fit right.

Built a shelf and divider for the closet to house the microwave and keep it put. It's now on the right side of the closet up top in it's own little cubby. The cord ran down the back and plugged into the outlet on the lower shelf.

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