Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2/28 - 3/1 Our Maiden Voyage!

What a great camping trip! We had a blast, even my lovely wife, who is not the most outdoorsy type, her idea of a vacation is a hotel room and room service... so Coffee and breakfast in bed was in order! :)

We stayed at Fort Worden State Park in beautiful Port Townsend, WA. We didn't pick that by chance, it was the weekend of the annual Achtuning Port Townsend Vw and All European Car Cruise. Just us and 400 or so of my close friends.

We went out the night before, on Saturday to enjoy the parts of Pt. Townsend that we normally miss as we are always so rushed on the cruises... Driver's Meeting, The Drive, Parking, Lunch, regroup for the Photo, Regrouping fr the drive home, Exiting, Drive Home and Done... wait, what town did we visit again? Yea, so we went a different route this year, and now I can't wait to go camping again!


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  1. Mike,
    This blog has me buckled over laughing. I'm at my temporary home in Jacksonville, FL (okay, a hotel really!) reading this. Good stuff Bro.
    Happy times.
    Talk to you soon.


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