Saturday, March 21, 2009

On to the Exterior!

(original post 10/27/2008)

The exterior... mixed emotions about the exterior. When I gave it a quick bath, the paint seems to clean up pretty good, for 43 year old paint... May still need to be re-painted this summer.

The rear bumber is still the original "Aristocrat" bumper, so this will be re-welded back together and painted along with the frame. Most likely silver or black.

The front "Rock Guard" or awning was missing (part of the 2% I mentioned in my last post) All the glass is in very good condition including the lead Jalouise windows, those account for all but the rear, that is the only fixed pane of glass.

Underneath, you can see the frame. Pretty stout frame for this size trailer. Notice the tounge is a constant frame rail all the way to the back bumper. Some trailers like Kit Companions do this a bit differently... and they don't last as well, I think.

Another shot of the front, need a couple 20 lb LP tanks, a bit of new paint and we're set. (until the jack seized...more on that later)

Another fun part of the Aristocrats, the 'branded' step. Again, this will match the frame and bumper, Silver or Black. You are starting to see my theme?

Screen door is intact, needs a rebuild and new screen. The Rectangle tail light will go bye-bye soon enough and be replaced with the period correct round tails.

"you're following an aristocrat" Cute. The small black sticker above the badge says "Tacoma Tailer Co." this didn't go far, I bought it from a lady in Tacoma... hopefully this didn't spend it's whole life in a backyard somewhere, we'll just say it didn't and move on.

Next up, tearing into the interior to replace the floor, and eventually the closet too. The begining of the end... wait until you see what comes next!

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