Sunday, January 24, 2010

wow... finally bringing this blog back from the dead!

You would not believe how much hassle that is to add a new gmail account to a blog. Not as simple as I thought. But finally figured it out. So now the blog lives on!

I Dropped Comcast as my ISP when we made the move to Bellevue in late November, and couldn't get signed in for a while there. Little fancy switching here and there and poof, it's alive again.

Update: Nothing. The trailer has a new 14x30 foot flat slab to sleep on, and that is about it. She's plugged in, winterized and waiting ever so patiently.

Plans for the spring are to rip back into the interior, reconfigure a few things for now... Just planning to get the porta potty in it's own "bathroom", I'll worry about holding tanks, sinks and showers later. For now, it's just a bit of re-arranging to get ready for the trip to Yellowstone in Late July/early August.

A couple new 6-ply LT 195/75/14 will go on very soon so I can actually get it back out of the driveway without scraping. The Passenger rated 195/70/14's are just not cutting it anymore. Too low and sidewalls are bulging under the weight of the trailer now. finishing polishing the windows is still in order, along with some ever so needed tint to keep interior temps down and preserve the curtain fabric. The rear window will be extra dark, especially because I will most likely wall over the section where the bathroom will be. I'll keep the other two windows, but the rear will be tinted, then covered up for a cleaner look inside. I can't wait until I can start working on it again... just need to get some funds saved up and then I'm off and running.

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