Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's put the closet back together... wait...where's my notes??

Okay so the wall was replaced, the floor was replaced... I didn't take really good notes... so how did I rebuild the closet? Trial and error and the marks on the ceiling!

First section in place, simple 2x3, 1x2 and Luan (1/4" birch plywood) construction.

Notice the ceiling? that was my guide for measurements. This piece got screwed in to the door frame, also from the outside, and down into the floor.

The face went on next, this had to be rebuilt a few times... looked nice here, didn't figure the doors out until they were hung. That center board was supposed to be flush with the cross piece. Oops!

Put the other side in (before I figured out the front rebuild)

After rebuild # 3, I think. Doors hung, latches lined up... good.

Used the old handle and latches... they are pretty cool and in good condition still.

Built new shelves, but used the old drawers. The mirror found it's way inside the closet door.

Next up: Tail lights!

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