Friday, March 20, 2009

Brought the Old Girl Home

(original post 10/27/2008, blog started 3/20/09)
Curb Side
Last week I picked up my new vintage trailer and my first, and I am loving every second of it so far.

It's a 1966 15.5 ft Aristocrat Mainliner, it's in fairly good condition considering it's age! She's about 98% complete and needs a little TLC to be a real beauty!! All three systems work great (LP, 12v & 110v) just needs some paint, polish and personal touch.
The top vent had blown off in a windstorm a couple years ago, and the previous owner instead of replacing the $10.50 part at Camping World, decided to just cover it with a garbage bag and ductape. Well it leaked, big surprise so there is some soft spots on the floor that had to be repaired. This may be a long project!

Well here are the pics, these are all before it was cleaned up and the work began:

This first interior shot shows the bunk folded up out of the way (got geese?). Gotta help but love the wonderful 80's geese wallpaper, and puke baby blue paint... on everything! Guess I will have to paint too? The Appliances will be transformed later, the icebox will be removed and replaced by a 110v Fridge, draperies thrown away and replaced, new formica, new foam for the cushions (and new Vinyl uphulstery) This will not look the same when I'm done with it!!! The Table (aka dinette) like most trailers folds down into a bed. Long and skinny! 83"x42" is the final demensions so that puts it as long as our California King bed (good thing as I'm 6'5"), but as skinny as a full?

There are 3 total beds this exact size. the dinette bed, sofa pull-out bed, and a fold down bunk bed (for the kids?). Here is my son, helping to demonstrate the bunk bed folded down (again, 83"x42")

Watch your head with that bunk down!

Here is the 3rd bed, the sofa pull-out. Again, 83"x42".

(Sofa Mode)

(And Bed Mode, almost.)

Can I possibly explain how bad these smelled? No, it's a blog... these got thrown away and never thought of again... until I found out what oil prices do to foam prices $$$$ (petrolium based).

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