Thursday, April 30, 2009

Curtains Done!

That was a lot of sewing last night... had to re-fill the bobbin 3 times. All the panels are sewn and most are hung. just gotta do a bit more trim and I'll be ready for pictures.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'll be done with the curtains tonight hopefully, got everything layed out and 8 panels alredy stiched and hanging in the trailer. My Wife said she thinks it looks cute and she can see how camping in it will be fun now. FINALLY! :) Love you Les!

So I have 9 more panels to sew tonight, get them hung and those will be done.

I have 50% of the trailer's ceiling trim up, and 50% of the Speaker wires hidden. Still have a bit more to do in the rear, and floor and find a good hiding place for the Subwoofer, I think below the stove will work out just fine. I wish I had thought of this sooner, I would have installed it under the closet drawers, but I can't get it in there now... too tight of a fit. Bummer. Ah Well. I think the center channel will go below the kichenette's cupboard and that will be set.

so a bit more wire hiding, trim, curtains and cleanup.

I may tint the windows too... without linings these still let in some light... tint may be needed to help them not fade so quickly, or at all?

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interior paint is DONE!

Yay! Finally, well actually it was done last week, I've just been slacking on posting here. So the cabinets are all gloss off-white, the ceiling is flat white ceiling paint, the walls are light brown/tan. They all compliment the red doors and appliances, the floor, the curtain material and the vinyl for the cushions nicely.

I polished the sidesplash and backsplash as best I could, (I can almost see myself in it) and replaced all the interior window trim. I will polish the insides and outsides of the windows, tint the glass and polish the trim when I take them all out this summer to paint the exterior and re-seal everything nice and tight.

I have some metal cove trim for the Kichenette, Closet and cupboard. The wall-to-ceiling, and wall-to-wall joints will all be trimmed with this nice light plastic trim from HD. The Floor-to-wall and floor-to-seat bases will be done with 1/4 round plastic. THe plastic is already white, so hopefully I will only have to touch up the nail holes with silicone instead of doing any more paint... tell I'm done painting? :)

I also picked up pretty cheap off craigslist a Panasonic 5 disk DVD changer with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound... and it plays MP3s, so I'll load up 5 disks of MP3s and I'll have a pretty nice 3.2gb juke box! The trailer's got bumps. Not sure if I'm going to put a TV in there or not, probably just run audio from my laptop to the stereo if I want to watch a movie... maybe a mini jack to plug audio into may work right off the kichenette next to the outlet that is there. THat way I can plug in the laptop and Audio at the same time.

Anyways, I still have to run and hide all the wires, put up the trim, hang the curtain rods and sew the curtains.

Then I'm done with the interior! Just waiting on my dad to recover from knee surgury enough to stich up my cushions and I'm ready to camp again!

Monday, April 13, 2009

more painting done on Easter!

What better than Easter Sunday, huh? I had a couple of hours Sunday morning as the neighbor's dog again thought it would be a good idea to wake my son up at 6:00, so we had an early start.

I got a couple coats on all of the seat bases, filled holes in the Kichenette face and new cupboard face sanded both of those and the ceiling too. Fresh coats of paint on all of the cupboards, closet, bunk and kichenette. Then a 1st coat on the ceiling too. One or maybe two more coats on the ceiling and the paint will be done.

Well, I think I need to sand and re-paint the closet doors, and there is a couple of holes to fix in the first cupboard door... but those can be done outside the trailer on the next warm day.

so here comes a bunch of cleanup and polishing of the trim that got a bit of paint on it... shouldn't be too bad.

Next up a bunch of clean up and trim!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yay! 71 degree weather means I got to PAINT!

So we finally had a nice warm (dry) spring day, 71 degrees and low humidity was a perfect time to get some exterior and interior painting done. Started outside first.

Took a wire brush and sandpaper to get the loose paint off the tounge and frame, a few coats of rustolium gloss white and BAM, a whole new look. I was so used to the tounge all rusty looking it's weird getting used to the bright (somewhat) smooth finish. Still not sure what I'm going to do to cover up that hole, that is where the old jack was welded in, had to cut it out... hmmm build a little tool box? It would be nice to have somewhere to keep a couple jacks and to store the wheel in travel. I'll look into that later.




I thought while I was at it and the sun was out to hit the Step as well. I think I am going to hit this up with a bit of safty red and black for the ARISTOCRAT lettering and dots. Another day for that.

I got to work on the interior painting finally, I got everything but the underside of the bunk and the seat supports all painted, most with a couple coats already. The Interior is sure coming along!








I MAY be able to have my seats done next weekend, or maybe the weekend after, we'll see. it sure will be nice if I can have it all painted, and trimmed up before the cushions are done, that will be a nice finishing touch!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Clean!

Well, everything got cleaned up and the smell of old beer has left the building! The seat foam was sent down to my Dad to get the covers stiched up. I can't wait to get those back, I may head down there this weekend and help out if I can. I have to get to painting this thing, enough procrastination! :)

stay tuned!

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