Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dang Beer!

Whoops, I temporarily moved the trailer down to the end of the dead end street in front of my house... kinda hard to explain that without a picture or map... just think there is a gravel road that if you walk directly accross the street from my house it goes back about 1000 feet and feed a couple of houses accross the street. Anyways, not thinking about really securing the trailer as all I was doing was moving it 1000 feet or so, I forgot I had left a couple of beers, 1/3-1/2 full on the counter.. well anyone who's seen the Long Long Trailer will know things don't stay put unless they are secured properly. Well glass on formica is not secured properly and I had a lot of smelly, old beer to clean up tonight.

After I send the foam (luckily didn't get beer on them) home with my Dad tomorrow, I'm going to give her a good cleaning including steam mopping the floor. And get back to taping the trim off so I can finish painting and move forward in this thing.

Back to having a time limit getting this thing put back together, paint and all. Meister has a Travel Trailer for sale on CL that they inherited... brand new 21 foot Gazelle. We have to go camping before they sell it at least once. Good thing I have his wife, Nikki trying to convince my wife, Leslie to go. Didn't take much, Leslie's warming up to camping idea a bit more.

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