Saturday, March 28, 2009

new tires, and a now we are self contained!

So I picked up a couple really good deals on the Seattle Craigslist, 1st was a pair of almost brand new tires, 1433 load rating each at 35psi, so I should be more than good there. I went with a 205/70/14 instead of the 195/75/14 that is on there, because my spare is also a 205/70/14. Now all three match again! Had to settle for blackwalls, fir for $15 for the pair, I'm not complaining.

then, just after I missed camping worlsd being open one night, when I was going to buy a Porta Potty, I decided to check the good old craigslist again... I know what you are thinking, but in this case, it's brand new for only $30!!! The exact same one at Camping World would have run me $79.99 + Tax (they have free shipping right now too).

So, now I'm fully self contained, all three systems work, fresh water, toilet. Good to go!

(I did however find out my water pump although works, went bad. it will not hold it's prime and doesn't have enough umph to get the water to actually come out of the faucet. I will be replacing that one with a hand pump faucet also from Camping World. The same thing at Vintage Trailer supply? $10 more with no apperant benefit. I guess you win some and lose some with VTS.

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  1. Hi! Kristy from the Repairing Yesterday's Trailer forum. I have the Honorbuilt Romer in Shelton, WA.

    How do you search for parts on Craigslist? I have an old Princess stove top that is missing 2 burner grates. No idea how to find replacements...

    Trailer looks great!



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