Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red Paint

So this shows the match of the two Red mediums, paint and powdercoat. It's not exact, but if you knew what I went tru to get this you would understand.

I went to Lowes to "colormatch" that hood vent to a couple quarts of Red Paint... nothing in the 10,000 colors they have came anywhere close. I mean nowhere!

The problem lies in the amount of pure red dye that is required to make a pure white gallon or quart of paint that same pure, bright lipstick meets coca-cola red. It would overfill the gallon of paint and water down the paint to a unusable level.

I ended up getting off the shelf two quarts of rustolium "Safety Red". These are the drawers from the closet.

Cutting Board

In the forground you see the 4 Upper cupboard door faces (New) and the two lower cupboard doors (also new. These were cut out of the same sheet of 5/8 + 1/4" luan glued together that I made the new Closet doors out of (in the background).

Here is a taste of what the Interior will look like with new Chrome hardware and Red paint.

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