Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tail Lights

So I bought some Reflect-o-lite 110 150 Tails from Vintage Trailer Supply however the mounting backplates are no longer in production, so I had to get creative and make my own.

Started with a Closet Base, wax freee gasket, small piece of Lexan, and the parts from the old Lights from the trailer.

I cut out the center few rings from the vinyl gaskets like so.

Cut the Lexan to size and riveted it to the closet bases. Riveted the bulb holders to the lexan.

Back side (this is what goes against the trailer)
The vinyl gaskets fit perfectly to seal the lights, and gave them a slightly tinted look as well.

Wired them up, sealed them with some putty tape and screwed them on. Works and looks much better!

Side view.

Done with that project!

Next up, fix the walls!!!

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