Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Fuse Box and Outlets

So I replaced the original '66 GE 110v fuse box with a newer Square D box. New is not always better, I know, but this box had two slots with 3 breakers, and I needed a couple more breakers. I added a dedicated line to the fridge mounted behind the small door at the bottom of the drawers. The 2nd new line added 4 new duplex grounded outlets; 1st under the cupboard above the sink/counter area, 2nd is on the sofa side of the kitchenette, 3rd in the run is down by our feet in the dinnette area, and the 4th is in the closet for hairdryers and the new Microwave. THe Lights are still wired as they were on the 3rd Breaker.


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