Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I started to remove and polish the windows (and remove the old putty)

so the rest of the windows and eyebrows that look like this:


will turn into this: (hopefully) :)





now, they are not perfect... but a vast improvement... with a 6" wheel, I'm limited on where I can polish... so there are some parts that got missed for now.

what's funny, is I think I was able to do slightly better(and quicker) job polishing it while it was still on the trailer (see black marks on paint) by simply lifting the whole grinder up to the window. :) not the safest way to do it... but seemed to work well...

I'll have to post a picture of what my face looks like after the next round of polishing... everything from my neck up, including my ears was covered in black dust. I had my eyes and my lips and everything else was black... if it wasn't 2:00am when I finally stopped I might have taken a picture, but I was too tired. :)

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