Thursday, July 16, 2009

Badges almost ready to go!


I just need to throw a few coats of clear over to get a bit more gloss out of the colored paint... those Elmer's paint pens don't keep a very good gloss when they dry. oh well, Testors was limited on colors. (BTW The Elmer's pens are 50% off right now at Michael's in Issaquah) :)

As they sit in the picture;
"Following" goes on the rear above the License plate. (yes that is a smiley with it's tounge out. :P
Big Aristocrat Trailer goes on the rear above the window.
2 small Aristocrat trailers go on the sides, under the front windows.
Red Mainliner will go on the front above the window (on white paint)
The 2 black Mainliners go beside the small trailers on the sides (on red paint)
Little A badge, goes above grab handle by the door.

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