Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paint is on!!!

So I don't have all of the windows polished yet, but here is a look at the progress so far... Came out looking almost EXACTLY like my last photoshop... good idea to mock up paint before you lay it down.

Ended up just using a brush to slather it on... this paint acted really, really weird.. it spread like tar, but ran like water. Go Figure! :)




There is now a 1/4" silver (couldn't find chrome) vinyl pinstripe between the red and white sections... it runs just under the lip where the white meets the red on the sides, follows the angle and wraps around the front and rear. I need to go get another roll... I thought 36 feet would work, that's what I get for trying to think with a 2 year old in the paint isle of an auto parts store... 12 + 12 + 7 + 7 does not equal 36... streching it in a few places I was able to make up about a foot or so... had to piece together hand cut pieces from the Sample window piece... it's all the way around, but I'll replace the rear stripe eventually.

okay more pics...

hand painted lines with a 1" brush... not bad, eh? (it's supposed to be angled)

The polished windows look really nice against the new paint!

running everything I come accross on that polishing wheel...

even painted the Frame and ROOF!


Color Matched the new badges with a base coat of the White.

Here's the bumper weld... not too pretty but fixed, and that's what matters most!

so you can see how I painted the frame... that goes all the way up to the tounge. "If it's something worth doing..."

like I was saying... tar-water paint... brushed on did give it a nice gloss shine... I made the mistake of rollering a section after doing the roof... finish is flat and lifeless there, but here you can see the shine! I will still wetsand and buff after the paint has a while to cure (1 month?)

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