Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yay! 71 degree weather means I got to PAINT!

So we finally had a nice warm (dry) spring day, 71 degrees and low humidity was a perfect time to get some exterior and interior painting done. Started outside first.

Took a wire brush and sandpaper to get the loose paint off the tounge and frame, a few coats of rustolium gloss white and BAM, a whole new look. I was so used to the tounge all rusty looking it's weird getting used to the bright (somewhat) smooth finish. Still not sure what I'm going to do to cover up that hole, that is where the old jack was welded in, had to cut it out... hmmm build a little tool box? It would be nice to have somewhere to keep a couple jacks and to store the wheel in travel. I'll look into that later.




I thought while I was at it and the sun was out to hit the Step as well. I think I am going to hit this up with a bit of safty red and black for the ARISTOCRAT lettering and dots. Another day for that.

I got to work on the interior painting finally, I got everything but the underside of the bunk and the seat supports all painted, most with a couple coats already. The Interior is sure coming along!








I MAY be able to have my seats done next weekend, or maybe the weekend after, we'll see. it sure will be nice if I can have it all painted, and trimmed up before the cushions are done, that will be a nice finishing touch!

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