Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'll be done with the curtains tonight hopefully, got everything layed out and 8 panels alredy stiched and hanging in the trailer. My Wife said she thinks it looks cute and she can see how camping in it will be fun now. FINALLY! :) Love you Les!

So I have 9 more panels to sew tonight, get them hung and those will be done.

I have 50% of the trailer's ceiling trim up, and 50% of the Speaker wires hidden. Still have a bit more to do in the rear, and floor and find a good hiding place for the Subwoofer, I think below the stove will work out just fine. I wish I had thought of this sooner, I would have installed it under the closet drawers, but I can't get it in there now... too tight of a fit. Bummer. Ah Well. I think the center channel will go below the kichenette's cupboard and that will be set.

so a bit more wire hiding, trim, curtains and cleanup.

I may tint the windows too... without linings these still let in some light... tint may be needed to help them not fade so quickly, or at all?

Until next time,

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