Monday, April 13, 2009

more painting done on Easter!

What better than Easter Sunday, huh? I had a couple of hours Sunday morning as the neighbor's dog again thought it would be a good idea to wake my son up at 6:00, so we had an early start.

I got a couple coats on all of the seat bases, filled holes in the Kichenette face and new cupboard face sanded both of those and the ceiling too. Fresh coats of paint on all of the cupboards, closet, bunk and kichenette. Then a 1st coat on the ceiling too. One or maybe two more coats on the ceiling and the paint will be done.

Well, I think I need to sand and re-paint the closet doors, and there is a couple of holes to fix in the first cupboard door... but those can be done outside the trailer on the next warm day.

so here comes a bunch of cleanup and polishing of the trim that got a bit of paint on it... shouldn't be too bad.

Next up a bunch of clean up and trim!

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