Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who doesn't want more pictures? :)

More Awning Pics, and picked up some matching Red Chairs... the Blue ones were worn out and getting dangerous.

Notice anything new in this picture?

you guessed it! I polished the "Vintage" plate.

and the side that still needs a bit of polishing attention...

ahhh...family portrait!

he grows up so fast! Emerson and I will be attending the Vintage Trailer Rally up in Lynden, WA on Sept 11-13th.

The New Tow Rig: 2003 EB Ford Explorer. It has a mean sounding 4.6l V8, and gets better towing MPG than the Tiguan... hmmm.

and last but not least.. I shrink wrapped the wire loom... More flexible and cleaner than the old hard plastic loom with electrical tape wrap.

hmmm... what's up next? Some more polishing (and seal the rest of the windows), maybe wetsand and polish the paint, new coat of paint on the cupboard doors, polish the "i-beam" curtain rail and install the "Room Divider" aka a brown linen shower curtain, install the new faucet with sprayer hose Thank you Attic Treasures Thrift Store!

Water heater? Not for a while, but on the list for sure!

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