Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bearings and Brakes

I hooked my trailer up to my friend Dave Meister's truck to try out the brakes a couple weeks ago before I tried to install the electric brake controller I bought and nothing. The controller didn't even see the trailer was back there. :(

Well, I finally sat down today to figure it out, and repack the bearings while I was at it. The bearings are in great shape, and they looked to have been packed fairly recently... Better safe then sorry, so I cleaned them up and repacked them full of Mobile 1 full synthetic grease.

More good news, the brakes are in fantastic condition too, probably 75-80% shoe life left, magnet is in great condition too... They will lock up just fine right at the backing plate when I jumped 12v down to them... but when I tried it at the plug, nothing! So, I dug into the plug.

Sure enough one of the previous owner somewhere along the way CUT the positive and negative lines about 3-4 inches back into the wire loom. These, along with another black mystery wire were hacked off in their prime. Well I figured, why not, and cut ALL of the wires and rewired the whole plug to include the + and - trailer leads.

Now, both sides are adjusted properly, they lock up tight with 12v jumped at the plug now. The bearings are repacked and ready for a hot summer trip, and now I just need to wire up my brake controller and we're ready to head over to Leavenworth next weekend to meet up with about 600-700 Audi, VW, BMW and pretty much all European Cars in the 9th Annual Leavenworth Drive. Can't wait to go camping again! We are heading out a day early (like we did for the Port Townsend Drive back in March, the only other time I've got to go camping so far!) but this time we are staying 2 nights.

About the Drive:

Where we're staying, #7 over by the playground. I got the last 20/30amp full hookup site, and I got 15% off for both nights by being really nice and asking the reservation lady to extend the Spring Fling one extra night for me. Supposed to have ended 6/20, which would have only gotten me 1 night (19-20th) at 15% off. :)
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