Saturday, May 9, 2009

took some pics for a friend

This is another "mainliner" that is down by my parent's house in Auburn, WA. This is the same body and layout (as far as I can tell,) to Kai's 66 15' Mainliner. Funny how different the same trailer can be in the same year.

This will have the Kitchenette to the left as you walk in the door (you can see the vent for the hood and P-trap on the side there, along with the City Water inlet. Fresh Water holding tank is up in the front left corner... I'd love to see the interior of this one. Kinda cool, the Left side has a Lot of big windows! Also notice the half awning on the front, the right half is a closet. :)

To me it looks a lot more like a LoLiner...







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