Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cushions are getting sewn as we speak!

yay!, Got the call from my pops, he's stitching up my cushion covers today... mostly done already, I will bring the trailer down tomorrow and have them "installed" (only way I can get them home, :) )

What a great 5 year wedding anniversary present!


  1. Amazing! I've been trying to sell our family's '64 Aristocrat but now you've got me thinking. Any idea how much you've spent on the entire project?

    You've done a great job.

    Here's the '64:

  2. Wow Paul, Finally I found another Mainliner that looks Identical to mine... the other 65 I saw had the sofa in the rear. You know, both Mainliners that have the same body have been 65's... starts to get me thinking, I wonder if mine was a late 65 sold as a 66, as the 66's have been looking a lot different (see pics earlier in blog)

  3. WOW! You are just plain sexy! Oh, the trailer is nice too.


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