Monday, August 2, 2010

Down The Home Stretch - bringing you up to date.

So, I have been neglecting the blog again, sorry. Let me bring you up to date again. Since the last post we now have a bathroom, dresser, sofa and lots more storage. I built a folding bunk bed and an overhead cabinet to house the microwave, stereo and mini-bar. Everything inside has been repainted, again, I went with a darker wall color then last time, and a semi-gloss for the food splatters and hand prints.

I had my dad re-stitch the sofa cushions a bit smaller this time, it's not 80x39". The porta-potty is living in it's new home in the bathroom/closet. I wired up a International Cab light as a porch light and got that all wired in place with a switch on the side of the new overhead cabinet. Oh, and I swapped out the tires for some 185R14 8-ply LT tires, 65psi in these should dramatically change the towing now.

I'm finally heading down the final stretch and will be doing a bit of trim work tonight to make it pretty, but for the most part, we are pretty much done! I could go camping right now and be just fine with the status.

here are the latest and greatest pictures.

(Edit 8/10 Better Quality Pics)









The new 12v porch light

and at night... this is the cab light I bought at the antique store up in Lynden. It works!

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