Monday, July 19, 2010

More Progress: Dresser is almost complete, Sofa/Bed frame is completed, Made the bunk folding, mounted the Porta-Pottie and added a porch light

Wow, okay so busy working on it (Among other things, of course) haven't had a lot of time to post updates, so here's what's happened in the past few days (week?)

I built the dresser, so it will now house the 3 drawers from the old closet. I just cut the new top today, but need to round the corner, add the Formica to match the table and kitchenette, and add some trim before I install it on top.


Then I proceeded to start building the sofa and storage unit. Funny part about this is I just kinda built it as I went... kinda winged it, and it turned out great. So I built a base that was 23"x79" with a 13.5"x20.5" storage spot in an "L" shape. Sort of like this:

Crude Plans

but ended up looking more like this (this is pulled out as a bed):

I didn't take any real "after" pics yet, I'll take those tonight and re-post tomorrow. Where it sits now is along the rear wall, on top of the base, is a 13.5"x20" piece of 5mm plywood stapled to the top in the corner, and a 13.5"x20.5" piece right off the dresser. Then a solid piece at the foot of the "L" storage unit. The other two foot sections of the remaining 23"x65" base are open (Along with the section that is still open along the back wall) to give interior access to the storage under the couch. The rear is also accessible from the outside door.

Oh yea, I made the couch 16" tall instead of 12" like the Dinette (that is limited by the table leg length) so it's easier to sit and get up from, and the sub woofer can fit under the couch now. The cushions already needed to be shortened to 80"x40" (currently 84"x44") so I'll just have him take the width off the back, leaving the seat 22" deep.

So when the sofa folds out into a bed, you just pull the Lip and the bed slides out off the base to meet the dresser and voila!

Next up was a re-visit of the Bunk (edit: Bonk) Bed. I took it down, cut it in half added two 1x2's and a couple of hinges and now the bonk bed fold up out of the way a lot better than it did with it being solid. I took out the small brackets and cut the old brackets down to size so they are now fully supported again. I also dropped it back down to just above the windows, to give my son as much room as possible.


Here is the mount that locks it out of the way for travel and durring the day.


I mounted the Porta-Pottie in the bathroom, so that's ready to go now.


And last but not least, I installed a pretty unique porch light. :) I found this at a antique shop up at the Lynden Vintage Trailer Rally last year, I assume if it truly is vintage/antique, it has to be NOS as it's brand new. It's just an International truck's cab light. I thought it would look great as a porch light. (going to need a new 12v battery, or this isn't going to do much! :) ) This will be controlled by a 12v rocker switch on the side of the overhead bin (yet to be built).

oh, and I re-hung the door, and painted the door stop red to match... the Rust color wasn't very becoming.


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