Monday, May 17, 2010

Window Tinting...

So I tinted the windows, or at least started to this weekend. Go the rear windows done so far. Just using 5% VLT film I bought at the Local Auto Parts Store, rear window was done in place, the two side windows were removed and done inside. New felt seals and anti rattle holders were put in too... no more window clatter.




This was done for a few reasons...

1) Duh, it looks bad-ass! :)
2) Keeps the interior a bit cooler in the summer
3) darker inside for daytime naps (3 year old)
4) Blocks UV rays, my wife had Stage 3 Melanoma 10 years ago... want to keep it that way.
5) keeps the curtains looking new, no fade from the UV rays
6) Needed to hide the new interior wall - about a foot of the rear window will be blocked by a new wall inside for the bathroom. (Port side)


  1. Hey Mike, It's me Andy with the Lo-liner. The trailer is looking great. Nice tint!!! Question. Where did you get your badging? I e-mailed a guy named Rex Conway about badging. $20/ badge. Seems good. Also. When you take out your windows, do you constantly redo the putty tape? I know you've done a ton of re-framing. I'm a bit concerned about taking my windows out for painting because of what I may find in terms of dry rot! I don't think I have any, but yikes! Also, did you get new gutter trim? My gutter trim may be ok to reuse, but the trim around the skirting is banged up in places. If so where did you find it?
    Any luck with the bathroom addition?
    Keep the blog posts comming, they look great and keep giving me ideas!


  2. Mike,

    Thanks for all the ideas on your Aristocrat... My wife and I picked up a '67 Land Commander last night. We thought we were getting a decent deal, until I feel into the world of Vintage Trailers this morning. Now I'm really excited!


  3. Hey Andy, yup Rex is the guy for sure! Yes, I scrape and re-putty... but for the tinting, I just pulled out the individual glass panes... 8 the first round in May, and 15 last night to finish it up.

    Just used the gutters that were on there, they SUUUUCK, get clogged all the time with Pine needles, had to replace a interior wall due to a leak (and the water running in from a clogged gutter) The eyebrows were just polished and re-installed.

    New update today! Where is your Blog??


  4. Thanks for the infos.


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