Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it a "Green" Trailer?

sooo... the one they sent me is a 700/1800 watt inverter instead of the 700/1400 watt, nice bonus.

So... maybe you will find this funny, who knows... but my trailer is almost 100% self supporting now. Let me explain...

So I have the 12v battery, that is powering a 300W inverter. That inverter is powering a battery charger... that charger is keeping the battery topped off all the time (auto trickle when it needs to). The 700w inverter is running everything else, and I mean everything... I had the fridge, all 3 120v lights, the stereo and the microwave running at the same time... charger keeps charging, inverters keep doing their jobs, round and round we go... I could dry camp for a weekend I'm sure with never needing to fire up the generator. I'm almost wanting to NOT plug in this weekend at the ralley to test my therory... hmmmm I'll let you know how it goes... the inverters and the charger are kinda noisy... not nearly as bad as a Generator, but the fans are kind of loud... wonder how they will do with the heater.

Not going to find out this weekend, but we'll see soon enough. I'm off tomorrow after work to the Mt Baker Ralley!!


  1. There has to be some sort of downside or flaw to this setup, doesn't there? Have you given it a better run for your money yet?

  2. yea the one drawback was physics. Between Physics and that blasted thing called Gravity I can't get anything done!

    Yes, the Inverter draw on the battery was faster then the Charger could replace it... so it imploded overnight.

  3. Ah, that's too bad. Would have been pretty cool. :)


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